How The Acuity & RR Integration Works



  1. Elena Villanueva

    Let’s say you have clients who return monthly– will they keep getting requests for reviews after the initial request if they already made a review on the first request?

  2. Alyssa

    If we have clients who have booked a series of classes (IE 6:30 for 5 consecutive weeks) – can we adjust WHEN the client gets the email from review rail?

    1. stephen

      Hey Alyssa, at the moment you can’t adjust that date. We might add that feature around Oct with the release of our updated platform.

    2. stephen

      I checked with the team and you will be able to adjust the send time for each customer in RR in the updated system. Should be live around Oct.

    1. stephen

      Hey Robert, if you email we can help you out. After you sync you can either sync with one calendar (you pick the one you want) or you can sync with all calendars (don’t pick a specific calendar). If that doesn’t clear things up email support, thanks!